Farren Bicycle Collection

Shepparton Motor Museum bicycle collection - bike details

What happens when you combine passion and persistence for many decades? You usually end up building something significant. In the case of Paul and Charlie Farren that significant thing is a collection of vintage bicycles. Not just any collection, but certainly the largest and rarest collection in Australia and probably one of the best in the world.

The Farren Collection covers every conceivable size, shape and style of bicycle and tricycle, spanning about 150 years. Most of their bikes are older than 1900 with the newest being about 1910.

The Farren collection includes penny farthings of all sizes, bamboo bikes, curious tricycles, women’s sidesaddle bikes, tandems/three seaters and “sociables” that allowed riders to sit side by side.

We are lucky enough to have a rotating display of these bicycles at the Shepparton Motor Museum and Collectibles.