The Furphy Museum Collection

Historical image of Furphy cart and horse. Image courtesy

Shepparton Motor Museum Furphy Museum collection

The Furphy Museum is the only one of its kind. It is an authentic exhibition tracing the 150 year journey of Furphy engineering, the five generations of the Furphy family and the significance of the Furphy legend in our history.

The most distinctive product to carry the Furphy brand would be the farm water cart. Conceived as a dedicated implement for water transportation, the water cart found a ready market upon its creation in the 1880’s.

However the Furphy Museum is dedicated to more than the iconic water cart, exploring 150 years of history from the beginning when John Furphy started out with a blacksmith and wheelwright business in 1864.

The Furphy business continues today in Shepparton with 5th generation descendants Adam Furphy, Managing Director of J. Furphy & Sons and Sam Furphy Managing Director of the Furphy Foundry.