Help make history.

The Shepparton Motor Museum & Collectibles relies on the generosity of its donors. With your help we continue to grow the collection to attract new visitors and preserve our motoring history.

The Museum also welcomes offers of loan of vehicles and other items of interest.
We are always looking for additional material for the collection, but, unfortunately we cannot always meet every offer due to space restrictions and display priorities.
All offers of loan and donation are taken into consideration and assessed by
the Museum committee and we endeavour to respond to offers as quickly as possible.

Any donations of significant artefacts would be greatly appreciated.

The museum houses significant artefacts and accepts donations as a key part of expanding its collection and making sure our history is preserved for future generations.

If you would like to offer a donation or loan to the Shepparton Motor Museum & Collectibles please fill in the form below or contact us if you have any questions.

To help us with your offer please describe the item you would like to offer for
loan or donation and provide as much information as possible and please include a couple of photos.

The type of information you may include are Make and model (if a vehicle), Current condition, any relevant history relating to the individual vehicle, the class of model, any relevant history of a person connected to the item and at least one photograph of the vehicle or item in its current condition.